Shepherd's Lamb Yarn & Pelts

Moisture-wicking, durable, fire resistant fleeces keep our flock warm through the winter. The sheep are happy to share their coats with you for your own creative projects! We offer pelts and hand-dyed yarns from two different types of sheep: Navajo-Churro and Rambouillet

Our yarn is only available through Tierra Wools Handweaving Workshop. Visit the Tierra Wools website to read more about our yarn and place an order.

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churro yarn

Our Churro yarn collection comes in two different weights, blanket and rug, which are roughly equivalent to worsted and bulky weight. Our two weights of Churro yarn are ideal for large and small weaving projects—Churro yarns have long been the preferred choice for traditional Southwestern weavings. Our extensive color selection was crafted to reflect the colors of northern New Mexico. Our Churro yarn collection is hand-dyed using low-impact prepared powder dyes, a process that is well suited to the dry regions of the western US because it requires very little water.



Rambouillet Yarn

Our Rambouillet yarn collection is hand-dyed with all-natural plant dyes. These natural dyes are made with plant ingredients like blue aster, black walnut, cochineal, indigo, and yellow onion skins. The natural dye process is time consuming and labor-intensive: the yarn may be in the dyebath from four hours to two days depending on the desired color. Most of our natural dye materials are gathered by hand from the northern New Mexico region. Our Rambouillet yarn collection is a two-ply light worsted that is best suited to knitting and crocheting projects.


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Lamb pelts add a wonderful decorative and functional touch to your home. Drape one of our pelts over a rocking chair or a sofa for a rustic yet refined touch. A large multicolored pelt makes a bold statement in front of a fireplace. Or try a soft, white pelt as a bedside rug - perfect for your toes on cold mornings! And don't forget your faithful companions—Shepherd's Lamb premium lamb pelts make excellent crate or bed liners for dogs and cats.

Each Shepherd's Lamb premium lamb pelt has unique coloring, texture, shape, and size. If you are interested in purchasing a pelt from Shepherd's Lamb please call us at (575) 588-7792 or email us at so that we can discuss our pelts with you and find the one that perfectly suits your needs.