About shepherd's Lamb

Shepherd's Lamb is produced on our family ranch in the mountains of north central New Mexico. The ranch is located about 100 miles north and slightly west of Santa Fe, at the foot of the San Juan Mountains.

This area of northern New Mexico, with its cool summers, high-quality forage, and relatively dry climate, is ideal for raising lambs. At one time in the early part of the last century, more lambs were shipped out of this area for market than anywhere else in the world. Shepherd's Lamb is proud to continue this tradition of raising superior tasting lambs in the mountains of northern New Mexico.


A family tradition

Antonio and Molly both descend from generations of agriculturalists. Antonio's ancestors settled in the Tierra Amarilla area and established their connection to the land in the early 1800s. Molly also grew up in a ranching family: Her grandparents settled in New Mexico in the early 1900s and her parents worked on several cattle ranches throughout the state, including in the Valle Grande (now known as the Valles Caldera National Preserve), where her father worked as the cattle foreman for Frank Bond & Son.

Antonio and Molly Manzanares's family ranch in the Tierra Amarilla area originally belonged to Antonio's grandfather, Carlos, who for years ran his own band of sheep. The land was leased to local ranchers for a number of years before Antonio and Molly began working the land.

When Antonio and Molly married, Antonio owned a flock of only 30 ewes. With a lot of hard work and determination and help from their four children, they built up their small herd into a thriving business devoted to supplying their local communities with high-quality organic lamb. Today, the Shepherd's Lamb flock numbers around 1000 ewes and their business has grown to include a line of organic meat and pelts, yarns, wool, and high-quality blankets.